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Innovation in Healthcare

Freedom Consultancy is an innovator of commercial services for the healthcare industry - we are the owner and operator of the FreedomLoans Patient Finance program; an affordable finance program designed to help families that need extra funds to help pay for various medical and holistic services in the following medical fields:

Behavioral Health
Psychiatric Health
Addiction Health
Adolescent Treatment

We are an exclusive service and only able to provide funding through registered medical providers that refer clients to us for finance.If you have reached us without locating a service provider, you can search for a registered provider in our directory or we can assist if you contact us.

Please click here to submit a FreedomLoan application, or click here for more information.


If you have medical insurance you may not need to take out a loan - open to everyone, the Second Chance program enables those with any form of medical insurance to explore their real options. It is a little known fact that some treatment providers do not bill insurance with addiction as the primary condition but utilize insurance to help pay for other primary conditions such as psychological services, depression and so on, with addiction being a secondary consideration. Click here to find out if your insurance can be used to pay for the service you need.