About Freedom Consultancy

Email-headerFreedom believes in a strategic, experience-based, value-added approach and work closely with each of our clients to develop a unique operational strategy to maximize corporate value. We exploit hidden opportunities and develop latent leadership capabilities. We know from experience that no two companies have the same needs and that is why we develop each of our strategic plans from the ground up to deliver an individualized, best-of-breed strategy.


 Constant Improvement
We welcome constructive criticism as there are always opportunities to improve in an ongoing, incremental manner. Our culture of continual improvement implies a steady increase in efficiency that can result in an increase in the resources available for innovation, and improved performance in the future. A thorough, repeatable process of constant improvement is necessary to continually perform at a high level.

 Ethics and Intellectual Integrity
Our business and reputation depends on our ethical behavior and this is an integral part of our culture. Our ethics are embedded in the way we make decisions, take action, and treat business partners and colleagues. We must not compromise our intellectual integrity for special interests. We must share our objective opinions, even those that may be unpopular, in a manner that is both candid and respectful.

 Excellence & Innovation
We pursue excellence in all that we do, embracing challenges and looking for opportunities to innovate, striving to exceed the expectations of business partners and stakeholders. We strive to utilize creativity and provide differentiated solutions – being innovative builds competitive advantage and creates new opportunities.

 Long Term Thinking
The actions taken today determine the results of the future. Excess focus on short-term profits or performance, is likely to result in costly consequences over time. When taking action we are vigilant of the needs of the present, but mindful of the longer-term strategic goals.

We treat people with dignity and respect, just as we would wish to be treated ourselves. We endeavor to create long term, mutually beneficial relationships that are capable of enduring beyond a single transaction. Because our work is relationship-oriented, we are very selective in choosing our business partners.

We stay close to our clients and business partners and their interests always come first. We are dedicated to providing high quality results that exceed expectations. If we serve our clients and business partners well, our own success will follow.

In everything we do we are constantly identifying and evaluating ways to add value for our clients, partners and portfolio companies. We take an active role in developing and implementing a plan that identifies and capitalizes on opportunities where substantial value can be unlocked. Our hands-on approach to affecting positive change in business partners’ people, processes and operations combined, with our access to capital, accelerates business performance and maximizes shareholder value.

 Entrepreneurial Spirit
We maintain a corporate culture that aggressively pursues interesting and challenging opportunities. We value ingenuity and originality, and nurture these qualities through a reverence of the entrepreneurial spirit. In everything we do, we are always results-driven, act with an ownership mentality and are constantly identifying and evaluating ways to maximize shareholder value.