Patient Financing Services


Freedom Consultancy is a bespoke solutions company offering affordable loans through contracted partners to help pay for medical and holistic treatment services throughout the medical vertical. Loans are available through our global network of registered treatment providers. Although we specialize in behavioral and mental health, we offer loans to help pay for dental surgery, optometry and hearing services, with more service areas coming soon.

Loan applicants are generally referred to us by our registered network however, if you are just exploring financial options, please visit our directory to locate a provider within our network or contact us if you would prefer us to assist you locate a provider that fits your needs. We do not charge fees of any kind to our applicants – all costs are absorbed by the treatment provider (other than interest charged on the capital of the loan) – no application fees – no processing fees – no closing costs – interest charged at our base rates.

FreedomLoans patient finance is our flagship program, offering an affordable signature loan to help pay for treatment at any of our registered treatment providers. Loans are offered according to the applicant’s credit score, debt to income ratio and other underwriting qualifiers, with loans available up to $50,000 (unsecured) and $250,000 (secured).

Borrow USD$500 – USD$50,000 (or equivalent) unsecured
Simple online application; decisions returned quickly
 Documents emailed to the provider’s office for signature
Interest charged according to credit, debt to income ratio and other factors
Interest rates 5.9%APR – 15.9%APR
Terms available up to 8 years
Secured option available, up to USD$250,000 (or equivalent)
Refinancing available if further services are required
No prepayment penalties
No application fees, no processing fees, no closing costs, interest charged at our base rates
Client/ Patient does not need to be the borrower. Substitute borrowers may apply.
Loans may be guaranteed by a co-signer with acceptable credit, etc

Please note that as financial stakeholders in a patient’s treatment, we are mandated to provide responsible lending and as such, all loan applications must qualify according to our approval criteria.